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Living Space - Europe 🇪🇺

Логотип телеграм -каналу flatforeignerkyiv — Living Space - Europe 🇪🇺
Логотип телеграм -каналу flatforeignerkyiv — Living Space - Europe 🇪🇺
Адреса каналу: @flatforeignerkyiv
Категорії: Продаж , Real Estate
Мова: Українська
Передплатники: 1.31K
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• Free consultancy about real estate; rentals - buying - selling of properties.
• You can easily check the options through our page by using filters
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• We are team of foreigners and Ukrainians
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Останні повідомлення 2

2022-02-23 21:40:56
The National Security Committee of Ukraine has decided to introduce a 30-day state of emergency throughout Ukraine, except Donetsk and Luhansk regions, the decision must be approved by the Verkhovna Rada ( Parliament).

Click to see the measures in our Instagram post ;

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2022-02-23 21:30:38 #nmu1-749

Roomed Studio Flat
#Zhytomirska 20 mins by bus
9.500 UAH

photos of the flat

Address: ЖК Smart Дом

Contact @flatbender in Telegram

#redline #under10K

There are similar options in the range of 8.500 - 10.000 uah. Currently apartments are being equipped by owner and also it is possible to equip it according to customers desire
283 views18:30
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2022-02-23 19:08:23 #kmu1-106

Roomed Flat
#Lisova 12 mins by foot
8.500 UAH
Smart Studio

Contact @flatbender in Telegram

Address: Красноткацкая д. 93

#redline #under8K
68 views16:08
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2022-02-23 16:18:06

Roomed Flat
#Vydubychi 5 mins on foot
11.000 UAH
7th floor - 22 m2

First Rent
Absolutely New Flat
Closed Territory

Address: Svitlo Park

Contact @flatbender in Telegram

#greenline #under12K
183 views13:18
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2022-02-23 15:54:11
Roomed Flat
#Ploscha Lva Tolstoho 10 mins on foot
#Universytet 10 mins on foot
2nd floor - 96 m2

Address: Tarasivska St, 18

Contact @flatbender in Telegram

#redline #blueline #under30K #goodeal
204 views12:54
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2022-02-23 13:54:47 #nmu1-766

Roomed Flat
#Akademmistechko 12 mins with bus
8.000 UAH
House with security
NOVUS and Lavina Mall by foot

photos of the flat

Contact @flatbender in Telegram

Address: Vul. Stetsenka 30, Liniya 3, 43

#redline #under8K
75 views10:54
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2022-02-22 23:05:50
The main things from Biden's speech:

Putin is preparing the ground to move further into Ukraine. He asked the Duma for permission to do so;

Sanctions against Russia will affect the sovereign debt of the Russian Federation and Russian elites with their families;

150,000 Russian troops are concentrated near the borders of Ukraine, they are ready to attack;

The United States will continue to help Ukraine in the field of defense;

If the Russian troops do not leave Belarus, Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia will be reinforced with defensive weapons;

Recognition of "L/DPR" is an obvious provocation and violation of international law;

There is no justification for the aggression of the Russian Federation;

Russia will not be able to sell bonds and borrow on world markets;

The US has no desire to fight the Russian Federation, but wants to convey that they will defend every inch of the territory

Sanctions will be imposed to such an extent that they do not hit American citizens.
204 views20:05
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2022-02-22 20:34:08
Putin's demands on Ukraine

1. Recognize the will of the people in Sevastopol and Crimea

2. Ukraine should not join NATO. The Kiev authorities themselves must refuse to join.

3. Solve the problem of Donbass through negotiations, but this is no longer relevant.

4. The most important point is the demilitarization of Ukraine.

Может ещё Киев на блюде... ( Maybe even Kiev on a platter )
303 views17:34
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2022-02-22 19:39:30
The Federation Council gave permission for the use of the Russian armed forces abroad in connection with the situation in the Donbass.

Reportedly, it will be a peacekeeping force.
He declared that the "Minsk agreements" no longer exist

Putin said that Russia has recognized the DPR and LPR within the boundaries specified in their constitutions

Putin said that Russia stands for the demilitarization of today's Ukraine

Putin said that the best solution to the issue would be for the current Kiev authorities themselves to refuse to join NATO and adhere to neutrality.

Putin when asked how far Russian troops are ready to go: it is impossible to predict specific possible actions, it depends on the situation
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2022-02-22 17:41:02
218 views14:41
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