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Living Space - Europe 🇪🇺

Логотип телеграм -каналу flatforeignerkyiv — Living Space - Europe 🇪🇺
Логотип телеграм -каналу flatforeignerkyiv — Living Space - Europe 🇪🇺
Адреса каналу: @flatforeignerkyiv
Категорії: Продаж , Real Estate
Мова: Українська
Передплатники: 1.31K
Опис з каналу

• Free consultancy about real estate; rentals - buying - selling of properties.
• You can easily check the options through our page by using filters
⭐️ https://t.me/flatforeignerkyiv/5230
• We are team of foreigners and Ukrainians
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Останні повідомлення 3

2022-02-22 17:23:42 Britain has imposed sanctions on three of Putin's friends and five Russian banks
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2022-02-22 14:15:59
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2022-02-21 16:32:54 #nmu1-598

Roomed Flat
#Akademmistechko 15 min with bus
7.500 UAH
House with security
NOVUS and Lavina Mall by foot

Contact @flatbender in Telegram

Address: Vul. Stetsenka 30, Liniya 3, 43

#redline #under8K
106 views13:32
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2022-02-21 16:23:36 #nmu1-654

Roomed Flat
#Dorohozhychi 15 mins by foot
12.000 UAH
pets friendly
30 m2 / 5th floor out of 9

photos of the flat

Address: Oleny Telihy St, 51

Contact @flatbender in Telegram

#greenline #under15K
123 views13:23
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2022-02-21 15:07:14 #nmu3-336

Roomed Flat
#Ploscha Lva Tolstoho 10 mins on foot
#Universytet 10 mins on foot
850 $
2nd floor - 96 m2

photos of the flat

Address: Tarasivska St, 18

Contact @flatbender in Telegram

#redline #blueline #under30K #goodeal
192 views12:07
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2022-02-20 17:48:32 Flat 4 Foreigners Kyiv - Living Space pinned «Survey time
Are you considering to leave the country or city because of the latest news ? »
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2022-02-18 23:11:46
Video of #nmu3-378

Roomed Flat
#Beresteiska 20 mins by bus
National Aviation University 13 mins by speed tram
13.000 UAH
Average bills 1.200 - 2.700 uah (summer-winter)
2 separated rooms

Address: Lesya Kurbasa Ave, 5В

Contact @flatbender in Telegram

#redline #under15K
122 views20:11
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2022-02-18 16:53:57 #nmu1-657

Roomed Flat
#Shuliavska 10 mins by bus
National Aviation University 18 mins by foot
11.500 UAH
bills in Summer - Winter 900 - 1.700 uah

photos of the flat

Contact @flatbender in Telegram

Address: Karpatska St, 26

#redline #under12K
109 views13:53
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2022-02-18 15:42:25

Roomed Flat
#Vydubychi 5 mins on foot
13.800 UAH
25 m2

First Rent
Absolutely New Flat
Closed Territory

Address: RC "Svitlo Park"

Contact @flatbender in Telegram

#greenline #under15K
161 views12:42
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2022-02-18 14:30:26 Excellent location of the house, stunning view of the forest, good transportation, "Akademmistechko" - 10 minutes by transport, which bus stops under the house, or 25 minutes on foot.

13th floor of a 26-storey building

In the first bedroom there is a large double bed with an orthopedic mattress, a TV set, a large mirrored wardrobe and a chest of drawers for things, air conditioning, access to the balcony.

In the second bedroom there is a 2-bed sofa that folds out, there is a dryer, there are shelves for things.

In the third bedroom there is a 2-bed sofa that folds out, there is a rack for books and things, a work desk with an armchair, and another table (you can put it in the second bedroom, air conditioning, a treadmill, access to the balcony.

Kitchen - has all the necessary appliances, dining table, refrigerator, microwave, oven, hob, extractor hood.

- In the corridor-hallway there is a large wardrobe for clothes and shoes.

The bathroom has all the plumbing, a washbasin, a large bathtub, a washing machine, a boiler, a towel dryer and cupboards for your cosmetics and perfumes.

The house has a supermarket, a coffee shop, a Nova Poschta office, not far from the house there is big forest.

Average bills 1.000 - 2.500 uah (summer-winter)

106 viewsedited  11:30
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